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Hmong Nouveau

Defining Life

We didn’t come from a fashion, entertainment, or music background. We came from a construction and technology background. So…why Hmong Nouveau? Why fashion? Why music? Why entertainment?

Honestly, the question that started all this was…

If you can create the life you want to wake up every day to, what would it look like and what would you do?

Construction and technology definitely were not our first choice at a do-over but now in retrospect, the experience that built our values and character also help build the foundation for Hmong Nouveau. We were both entrepreneurs, with strong determination to build a company from the ground up, and fill its mission with the things that we were most passionate about–music, fashion & entertainment.  

We wanted to create a platform that is different from what we’ve seen before. We wanted to charge the Hmong music industry and we wanted to make fashion a statement. Most importantly, we want to make it entertaining–an extraordinary experience beyond the red carpet. 

So who are we? 

Two passionate people who happened to cross paths, engaged in a conversation over what we could’ve done differently with our lives, and decided to change it by doing something “fun”. 


Defining Life,


Logan & Steph
Hmong Nouveau Inc.