Friendships Need to be Cultivated & Nurtured for it to be Meaningful

What started off as a text message between a couple of girlfriends and me talking about a much-needed vacation quickly evolved into a girl’s trip conversation. Moments later, our flights and room were booked. During our trip, we had planned a couple of activities to do, but for the most part, it was an open agenda. We went to 3 clubs in one night, attended a Chippendales show were imagination was not necessary, tried some edible Mary Jane for the first time, and enjoyed each other’s company. Throughout our time together, tears were shed, frustration and hardships were expressed and lots of laughter was shared. We connected at a much deeper level and I felt something I’ve never felt before with any of my relationships with other women. I experienced a NO judgment zone, limitless support, and true friendship. I came back from that trip exhilarated and my attitude towards work, life, and myself changed from that experience.

How many good friends would you say you have? Is it a handful, one or two? Truth is, it doesn’t matter. The quality of your friendship is more significant than the amount of friends you actually have.

Good friends are honest, open and genuine with each other. They give without expecting anything in return, tolerate each other’s frailties, appreciate their differences, and provide honest criticism when necessary. They participate in each other’s celebrations of milestones and are there for each other during setbacks.

Whether you are in your teens or living in a retirement home, you need good friends. They are good for you. Close friendships enhance your energy and improve your emotional and physical health.

OLIVIA’S TOPS TIPS for finding true friendship

Vulnerability: Vulnerability allows for a stronger connection, so be authentically yourself and live unapologetically. Being vulnerable may be difficult, but remember, when you allow yourself to be vulnerable, you allow others to see the true you and you open up the gate for true friendship.

Have a clear idea of what you want: It’s not hard to decide what types of friends you want in your life. Friends often times have similar views and values so manifest what you want and you shall receive.

Work on personal growth: Speak kindly to yourself and continue to develop you. Be courageous but have humility. It’s ok to make mistakes and own up to it. We live, we learn and we grow.

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